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Ranger Consulting, Inc. has over 35 years of geotechnical engineering experience, which includes foundation studies for bridges, soil survey studies for roadways, retaining wall design studies, landslide correction studies, pavement design studies, lake siltation studies, subgrade stabilization studies, embankment stabilization studies using wick drains and high strength geosynthetic reinforcement, instrumentation of roadways and landslides, design of lightweight embankment sections and pile load test studies. We have worked with most of the soil and rock conditions throughout the state of Georgia. We have extensive experience with foundations using prestressed concrete piling, metal shell piling and “H” piling, spread footings and drilled shafts.

Ranger is experienced and knowledgeable of GDOT plans and specifications. We are very proficient with GDOT geotechnical reporting format, required special details and procedures. Ranger stays in close contact with GDOT geotechnical leadership to keep abreast of any changes in policy and procedures.
Service is more than a report. It is providing guidance on all geotechnical issues that could affect design. Through numerous years of roadway design experience, Ranger knows that there are many problems that can affect the roadway, but are not included in the GDOT geotechnical checklists. In every area of the state, we know most of the problems that have occurred with subgrades, slopes, sinkholes and foundations. Ranger can provide guidance to the designer to avoid these problems.

Ranger also has experience with designing foundations for single and multi-story structures, such as office complexes, schools and shopping centers. Here again, we focus on all issues that affect not only the structural foundation, but also the integrity of the soil and underlying bedrock to determine the load bearing capacity of the subsurface, to subsequently provide appropriate foundation recommendations.


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