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Ranger’s drilling capabilities were demonstrated during the recent preservation activities for historic buildings built by Henry Ford in the 1920’s that were slowly being destroyed due to subsurface karstic subsidence. During this project, Ranger utilized conventional and unconventional drilling techniques to identify voids in the underlying limestone formations. These voids were subsequently pressure grouted to correct and prevent any future subsidence. To date, over 27,000 feet of rock coring has been completed and tens of thousands of yards of grout have been inserted under pressure into the unstable limestone formation at this site.

With over 50 years of combined drilling experience, the staff at Ranger Consulting has performed subsurface investigations throughout the state of Georgia and the Southeast. Ranger has performed foundation investigations for various projects including roadway, railroad and pedestrian bridges, soil surveys, cellular towers, industrial and commercial buildings, water treatment plants, substations, transit systems, pipelines, and transmission and water towers. Foundation studies have also been completed for sinkholes and roadway and slope failures.

Ranger has various types of drilling equipment, including three all-terrain drill rigs and support equipment that are available to provide drilling services at any location in the state. All equipment is maintained and operated by efficient and conscientious personnel.


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On Site

The drillers at Ranger have vast drilling experience in all types of geological formations and topographical regions from limestone formations in North Georgia to flowing sands and muck areas in South Georgia. Ranger has also performed prospect drilling for mineral mining, rock quarries and borrow pits. In order to access difficult drilling locations, Ranger has built roads, benched slopes, and bridged low-lying areas. Ranger has the capability to perform numerous drilling functions such as continuous soil sampling, standard penetration tests, angle drilling and coring, low clearance drilling, mud rotary drilling and down-hole hammer. Each drill is capable of mud rotary, auger drilling and rock coring in order to maximize drilling efficiency and accommodate changed subsurface conditions.


Ranger has also demonstrated multifaceted drilling capabilities by performing bridge foundation investigations for major roadways, railroads, large industrial construction projects, and private construction projects. Innovative drilling skills were evident when Ranger constructed a ramp and platform to drill through an existing cofferdam on a bridge project where the foundation stability was in question.


Every drill crew consists of one experienced crew chief and two drillers. Due in part to our experience with GDOT, Ranger’s drillers are familiar with and fully capable of installing slope indicating and piezometric devices, reading and interpreting all roadway and bridge plans. Drilling, sampling, boring termination, surveying and laying out bridge locations, completing lithologic boring logs and providing topographic elevations are performed in accordance with criteria as established by GDOT.


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