Ranger is fully qualified and capable of providing a full range of environmental services to our clients. As a GDOT contractor, Ranger has completed numerous underground storage tank closures, environmental site assessments and spill remediation activities. In addition, Ranger has provided drilling services for private clients at more than 300 confirmed petroleum release sites as well as multiple hazardous waste sites, landfills and chemical and industrial facilities. Two, four and six-inch diameter PVC and stainless steel groundwater monitoring wells have been installed in various geologic and hydrogeologic formations across the state.

Ranger also has the knowledge and resources to install double-cased telescoping wells for monitoring deeper aquifer conditions. Additional environmental services Ranger can provide include underground storage tank removal activities; soil, groundwater and surface water sampling; free product recovery and groundwater remediation system installations, operation and maintenance. Ranger’s personnel are proficient in the operation of equipment and instruments associated with environmental field sampling and testing.

Ranger provides 24 – hour emergency response services, whereby trained personnel and equipment are mobilized to handle spills, overfills or accidents. Ranger has responded, assessed and / or remediated numerous petroleum tanker rollovers, petroleum bulk plant overfills and a contaminant release due to a warehouse fire.



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